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The Future Changes to Vehicle MOTs in 2019

13 June 2019 / shubam.sharma@webomaze.com

Your car is one of the most significant investments you make in your life and it is necessary to have consideration for its care and maintenance. However, most of the people, either because of a busy life or because of negligence do not work on their car maintenance which is, in fact, a disrespect to the MOT rules of the UK government. This needs all the vehicle owners to gear up for the challenges which they may have to bear with the emerging trends in MOT. let us quickly take you on a tour of all the necessary insights which you may need to keep in mind for following all the regulations related to MOT rules. 

First of all, you must understand all the categories in which your car could be placed when you reach for MOT in Southall. According to new rules, the cars would be placed into categories as follows:

  • Dangerous: risk to safety and nature. Such test results cause Direct fail.

  • Major: may affect safety and environment. Such Test results may cause failure.

  • Minor: No effect on environment and safety but must get an immediate repair.

  • Advisory: may cause challenges in the future.

  • Pass: good to go with MOT standards 

Thus to avoid all of these errors in the MOT test, you have to ensure that your vehicle sticks to work with all the necessary regulations which need you to avoid underinflated tires, bad brake fluid, brake pads warning light, daytime running lights for vehicles built after March 2018, and lastly, reverse lights for vehicles built after September, 2009.

 Some of the additional things which must be considered during every MOT test in 2019 include, front fog lights, prop shafts, bumper condition & safety, cab steps, floor and undertray condition, noise suppression, emission control, engine malfunction, and fluid leaks.

So, if you are having some tough times following the guidelines and necessary maintenance conditions for your vehicle, it is very important to consider all the above requirements. Moreover, you must always aim for a registered and reputed MOT center which you may find by searching for “MOT garage near me” and checking on the reviews. All the best!


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